Viking Bedframe

Since coming back to Claremore, Oklahoma to live, I thought seriously about what I wanted to make in my new woodshop. My conclusion was, “Go big.”

This is a 225lb bed frame that I made out of pine. It has the symbol of Odinn, The Valknut, in the center of the headboard. Its joints are double-reinforced for stability and endurance.

Step One: The Headboard

I crafted the Valknut image out of pine and stained it black. The headboard weighs 125 lbs and is stained with Oak. It is six foot tall with a shelving ledge at the top.

Step Two: The Footer

Stained in Oak, and made out of pine, this weighs approx. 70 lbs.

Step Three: The Rails

Stained in Oak, and made out of pine, this weighs approx. 40 lbs a piece and has a double reinforced locking system.

Step Four: Some Assembly Required 🙂

Step Five: The Supports

A system of support 2×4’s installed.

Step Six: Spacers and Legs

Step Seven: The Slats

This was a critical step in disappointing the weight of the mattress over the entirety of the structure.

The Finished Product


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