• Dresser to Loki

    Dresser to Loki

    This is the first of many dressers that I am making. This one is dedicated to Loki and his offspring. These dressers go for $800 and up depending on detail, artwork and material. I will be pre-making them and putting them for sale on Etsy.

  • Altar


    A good witch contacted me asking for a commission piece. She wanted an altar made with Nordic runes burned into the surface. This piece goes for $100 and I can customize it with any runes you want. The dimensions are 2 feet long, 1 foot wide and approximately 8 inches tall. You must be able […]

  • Viking Bedframe

    Viking Bedframe

    Since coming back to Claremore, Oklahoma to live, I thought seriously about what I wanted to make in my new woodshop. My conclusion was, “Go big.” This is a 225lb bed frame that I made out of pine. It has the symbol of Odinn, The Valknut, in the center of the headboard. Its joints are […]

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